Possum in your attic


Possum in your attic

Opossums typically invade people's homes and destroy attics, crawlspaces, and yards. Opossums can carry serious diseases. Opossums are classified as a threat to humans and must be removed from human-inhabited locations  Opossums are not normally aggressive animals but can sure look menacing when threatened. Opossums hiss and growl and show their teeth.  Opossums have an incredible climbing ability that allows them to easily scale walls.


Common Approach To Opossum Problem

Some pest control companies use urine-based repellents, mothball repellents or high-pitch noisemakers. These solutions will not work on opossums.

What To Look For In Your Attic

  • Hole going into the attic
  • feces in the insulation "Looks like cat feces"
  • Bedding/Nesting in the attic 

How To Keep Opossums Out

  • Remove the scent from the Opossum being in the attic 
  • Seal entry points
  • Remove rodents that may have attracted the Opossum to your home
  • Set live trap

Our Proven Method

We locate and seal all entry around your home. Identify food sources for Opossums. Remove the scent left behind from the Opossum. All work done will have very little if any visual impact on your home.