Raccons in attic


Raccoons in your attic


When you have raccoons in your attic, it's generally very noticeable. It sounds like a human is walking across the ceiling in the middle of the night. Raccoons are the largest animals that inhabit attics.They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.They can damage your A/C duct-work and even your drywall. Raccoon feces and urine are recognized by the CDC as being extremely toxic to humans. This can be very dangerous because raccoons tend to rip and tear your A/C duct-work, allowing the toxic spores to enter your home's air conditioning system. Raccoon trapping can be very dangerous. If you think you have a raccoon in your attic in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Richardson, Dallas, Fort Worth, or surrounding areas call a professional to remove the raccoon.

What To Look For In Your Attic

  • Hole going into the attic
  • Large pile of feces "Looks like dog feces"
  • Ripped or torn A/C duct-work

How To Keep Raccoons Out

Most pest control companies will only set traps, and seal up the entry point. This will not keep the raccoons out!


To keep the raccoons out you must:

  • Remove the scent from the raccoons being in the attic 
  • Seal entry points
  • Remove rodents that may attract the raccoons to your home
  • Set live trap

The scent must be removed to prevent the raccoons from coming back. Raccoons typically get into your attic because of other rodents such as mice or rats that attract raccoons. Mice and rats are a food source for the raccoons. The feces from the Raccoons needs to be completely removed and the attic sanitized.

Our Proven Method

We locate and seal all entry around your home. Find and removal other rodents that are a food source for the raccoons. All work done will have very little if any visual impact on your home.