Rats Mice in attic

Rats in attic & Mice

Rats/Mice In The Attic


Rats in your attic can be a major health issue and a potential fire hazard. Rats/Mice can carry up to 30 different airborne diseases. Rats/Mice are known to chew wires in your attic. Rats/Mice chew on wires in your attic to file their teeth down. Rats front teeth grow up to 5 inches per year. They must keep their front teeth filed down so they can eat. We have helped many customers that had rats in the attic in Plano and all over the DFW area. To keep them out for good we recommend you use a professional rat exterminator.

What To Look For In Your Attic

Runs in the insulation

Holes and tunnels in the insulation 

Droppings on the walk boards and in the insulation 

Chewed wires

Brown marks on wires

How To Keep The Rats/Mice Out

Most pest control companies will only use bait/poison in your attic, set traps, and seal up a few entry points. This will not keep the rats/mice out!   

To keep the rats out you must:

Completely seal all potential entry points 

Remove the scent from the rats being in the attic 

The scent must be removed to prevent the rats/mice from coming back. Rats/Mice are 90% blind and have a strong sense of smell. The rats/mice recognize the scent in your attic as their home and will be attracted to your attic until this scent is gone. This scent can also attract other rodents to your attic such as prey animals to feed on the rats.

Our Proven Method

We completely seal your home from top to bottom. We use a process known as a full seal. In this process all potential areas 1/4 inch or larger are sealed or screened. All work done will have very little if any visual impact on your home

Completely seal any gaps in the roof line.

Seal all all wood trim 1/4 inch gaps around the house. We use clear silicone.

Seal all vents on the roof with heavy gauge screen.

The eaves of the house are hot spots because rodents can sit there and chew their way in. Allot of eaves have gaps where roofers will slide the shingles under the eave. This gap allows rats to get in.  We custom mold sheet metal to the eave then texture it and paint it to match.

Weep-holes allow rodent and bugs to enter into your home. We insert mesh into the weep-holes to keep out the bugs and rodents but still allow your walls to breath.

A/C lines sometimes have gaps the allow rodents to get into the walls. We will seal the lines.

Seal any other potential entry areas around the home.